Welcome to eBooks Illuminated!

My name is Michaela, and I work as a staff writer for an Internet marketing company. Through my work, I get to write about all kinds of fun topics, most of which concern marketing know-how.

But over the past year or so, my company has been getting more and more into eBook creation, specifically for the Amazon Kindle platform, which is a very exciting arena, because it allows talented writers, who might otherwise not be able to have their work picked up by a publishing house, to put their books in front of a targeted audience and bring in steady revenue.

For my job, I have written a book about meditation and intuition development, created several how-to reports pertaining to various niches, and most recently, I created the text and organized the illustrations for a children’s book about a teddy bear, all of which were published and marketed via Kindle.

Additionally, my company has partnered with web developers and eBook marketing experts to create Kindle formatting software and detailed guides about how to earn more reviews and get eBooks to page one status of Amazon’s ranking system.

kindle publishingThe purpose of this blog is to share the personal experiences I’ve had with self-publishing and promoting Kindle eBooks as a way of helping other people, who are interested in using the Kindle platform to publish and sell their work.

Initially, I was completely in the dark about how the process worked—from writing and formatting a book’s text, to getting it uploaded and published, to optimizing its Amazon page ranks and gaining reviews—but through a little trial and error and lots of reading and note-taking, the process is practically like second nature now.

Since eBooks have taken off, however, Internet marketers have had a field day trying to leverage Kindle book creation to mass produce books and make quick sales. But that’s not what this blog is about.

My aim is to present information to people who are interested in producing high quality works of literature—people who really value the craft of writing but perhaps need a bit of guidance when it comes to the more technical and promotional aspects of eBook creation.

With Kindle books, there are a lot of mistakes you can make if you don’t know what you’re doing. Therefore, it’s my goal to help talented writers bypass some of that guesswork so they can achieve their goals faster and with less aggravation.

To your success,



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